Frequently Asked Questions

How is it made?

Most pieces start as a rough sketch before being sculpted in clay and slowly brought to life. Depending on the intricacy and complexity determines how long the sculpting process takes. Estimating from a week to multiple months. Once the sculpting process is complete, I either move on to painting, molding or casting. Then I take the final steps to ensure the longevity of the artwork and it's completed.


U.S Shipping only currently

Shipping price is calculated by  your location and how heavy/large an item is and will be calculated at checkout. 

Artworks are thoroughly secured and padded to withstand the rigors of travel, ensuring it arrives safely.

Orders are processed promptly to make sure your new artwork is dispatched in a timely manner.

Care Instructions

Handle with Care: Be mindful when handling and mounting sculptures as it is delicate artwork.

Gentle Dusting: Use a soft, dry brush to gently dust the surface of the sculpture. Avoid using harsh cleaning materials or liquids, as it that may damage the surface of the sculpture.

Remember, a little extra care will preserve the beauty of your art for years.